Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Perspective To Ball Valves Exporters in India

Ball valves exporters India are straight-through, quarter-turn valves that comprises of a round closure element having matching rounded pleats that allows uniform sealing stress. It got its name from the ball which rotates for opening and closing the valve. These wide duty valves are capable of transferring liquids, gases and liquids having suspended solids. It works wonders in a situation where tight shut-offs are required. It possesses a hole via which the valve can open and close. These valves are most commonly found in fire safe protection services, flowing systems on the ships and chlorine manufacturers. As these valves cannot be easily cleaned they are not recommended to be used in bio-processing, food and beverage or pharmaceutical applications.
Ball valves are available in manifold styles as per client’s requirements. Some of the most common ones include :
  • Single Body
  • Split Body
  • Three piece Body
  • Welded
  • Top Entry
  • Two piece Body
  • Flanged Body construction
Each one of these has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on what each of these applications call for. They are manufactured from an assortment of materials including stainless steel, plastics (including PVC and CPVC), metal alloys, copper ductile iron, and cast iron, bronze and brass. These ball valves from reputed exporters India are used in multiple industries such as pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, allied process as well as services including corrosive and cryogenic.
Advantages of Ball Valves Exporters India :
  • Low purchase
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Functions without any side loads
  • Long service life
  • Rugged construction
  • Regulates and maintains high volume, high temperature flow and high pressure
  • Does not need lubrication
  • Finer ease of operation
  • Permits inspection as well as repair of seals and seats devoid of removing the body of the valves from the line
As the name suggests, the ball valve exporters India consists of a ball type spherical body. It is very reliable and will resist leaking for years and is far better in comparison to a gate valve. These valves can be engineered for withstanding the extreme pressure and a high pressure system often consists of a ball valve in it for turning them on or shutting them off.

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